This is my tumblr dedicated to Minecraft, and in particular World 5.

I've been playing Minecraft since the start of 2009 and have never really showed anyone the things i've built, so that's what i'm going to do on here.

Everything you see here was built by me, and i mined all the resources myself.

I haven’t been playing much minecraft at all recently. I got sick of my laptop overheating and burning the crap out of my legs, and i really don’t play it on my actual desktop PC.

Someone really needs to go back and write Minecraft from scratch in something other than Java so it’s not such a mess. 

posted 1 year ago

Any aussie followers interested in checking out the server i’ve been playing on for the past few months?

posted 2 years ago

The End

posted 2 years ago

My personal favourite out of all the things i’ve taken/seen in Minecraft. 
melodyquill: Hey, your blog kind of inspired me to make my own, so I'm going to go ahead and share my new blog with you. It's called CraftZone, and it's going to be (much the same as this blog) screenshots of anything that catches my attention, and text posts of funny stuff. I'd appreciate it being shared, too, if possible! craftzone(.)tumblr(.)com/

Everyone should go check it out since i hardly post much anymore 

posted 2 years ago